Frazier Executive Consulting offers a wide range of services, all focused on driving improvement in the efficiency of your processes and your teams.   Please find below a short list of some of the services that we offer.

  • IPQuickAssess Evaluation: complete a simple high level assessment to identify key areas of focus
  • Strategic Portfolio Planning:  ensure that you are leveraging sound planning processes and gathering the critical business information to determine your product offering
  • Product Definition:  investigate how you are documenting your products before you start development
  • Acquisition Process:  provide feedback on your make versus buy decision process and your evaluation/purchase process if you are acquiring technology and/or companies and/or licensing Intellectual Property
  • Product Development Process: our most involved offering where we go deep with you to assess your entire development process
  • Product Delivery and Quality:  review the consistency of the product deliverables and the quality of those products
  • Establishing and Managing Global Teams:  If you are establishing a new global team, we will provide guidelines to help you set up the team for first time success.  If you have an established global team, we will evaluate your international organization, looking to optimize for maximum efficiency
  • Integration of New Teams:  ensure seamless integration of your new team into your organization, looking to capture the best practices from the new team while also helping them to quickly adopt to their new environment and current processes
  • Senior Level Engineering Management Assessment:  provide analysis and coaching to your senior leader team